Glee is a comedy they said
Glee is entertaining they said
Glee is uplifting they said
Glee is inspiring they said

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What the fuck is all this "steal his/her look" shit I keep seeing? Did I sleep through something? 

I’m so sad. Bones and Scandal are joining Glee on my “I just can’t watch” list. It’s like the magic monster in the sky doesn’t want me to watch anything

For me, the one thing missing from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was Coulson’s obsession with Captain America.


This is how it actually happened:



But I like to think it was really more like:





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A collection of the Glee fandom’s feelings about Season 6.

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Not sure how Australia came into discussion, but Glee no longer brings in good ratings here either. It was moved to a secondary channel in February 2013 due to poor ratings and is shown in the Friday 7:30pm time slot. Australia's ratings definitely wouldn't keep Glee on the air even if they did matter.



Thank you for the info!

I don’t live there anymore, but after a lawsuit, I’m pretty sure that Glee had to change their name in Britain so they are not actually watching ‘Glee’ either. I don’t know how it is with all of you, but if I’m on the fence about watching something and I can’t remember what it’s called I’ll probably go and watch something like Pointless instead. 

It hasn’t changed yet. I think it’s changing to Mckingly high or something for season 6, that’s if they even bother airing it. Everyone I know thought it had been banned from the UK so I doubt when the last block of episodes aired in July the ratings were good. The music for those episodes aren’t available either so more money they’re not making. They had to pay damages for that lawsuit too. 


Thank you! To be honest I'll be happy when glee is over and I won't have to be suffocated by this toxic environment. Are you going to follow any of the glee casts careers after glee?

I never thought I’d say it but I agree. My anxiety and depression has never been worse than it is right now but because I’m attached to Kurt I can’t leave. I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship. If it was just the show I don’t think it would be so bad but it’s the attitude of the fans that make me feel this way. 

Obviously Chris. Darren, Amber and Dianna. I’ll look in on stuff the other cast do but if I have no interest in it I wont bother. It all depends on what the project is. 

I love how they pretend that your feeling matter but then if you're hurting because of the content and you take it up with the writers you're suddenly a hater. These people don't know the definition of hate. There are very few people I can talk too in this fandom because of that.

This is exactly it. It’s like we’re just supposed to bow down and worship them. These people live in a bubble where the worst thing that’s happened to them is their favourite show being cancelled. You can talk to me if you need to or just want someone to talk to. 


Every Glee song ever 
I Am Changing

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According to Ryan Murphy’s minions mean people are loud. So, I’ve been through a lot of their mentions are the most common element people are upset with is Glee glorifying an abusive creepy stalker. Many of those people have suffered abuse. So according to the minions abuse victims are not allowed to be triggered by that glorification. Good to know. And people still ask me what damage Glee has done. Well, there is your answer.

The one thing that never fails to make me sad is how the Glee fandom just don’t seem to feel compassion for actual people just celebs & crew. The worst offenders: Writer stans 

You can't let bad experiences rule you. You need to just forget them and move on.

I have PTSD. That’s easier said then done 

A certain someone is feeling guilty on twitter and now all his girls are fawning over him

Umm, what?